e commerce


“By 2020, brick and mortar retail spaces will be little more than showrooms“

Eddie Machaalani & Mitchell Harper, Co-CEOs of Bigcommerce

In a time when most of the  business is happening online

  • Just having a webshop is far from enough, 
  • Going for a generic platform almost never works and 
  • Webshops for textiles are not just another template…

That’s why we put all our efforts & knowledge to develop a specialized Textile ecommerce webshops platform.

All possible options you may need for a textile webshop 2.0

  • 3D views of your garments
  • Reviews 
  • Variants
  • Custom Filters
  • Tags
  • Reviews
  • Mobile first
  • Logins
  • Multiple payments


This together with our other products Design Lab & B2B gives you a complete solution seamlessly working together covering all aspects of a successful Textile company